Our Summer Teaching Series

Dark Matters

What happens we examine the unseen and the mystery? Our summer teaching series will explore the book of Job and how mystery, pain, misery and glory all come together.

Sunday Wrap: Take it Further

Dark Matters: My Own Suffering

July 5th / 2015

How can I survive this crisis?
Job 40:1-5


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warehouse basics

We’ll be there in the morning.

We are a community of ordinary, flawed people who are pursuing our purpose on this planet. As a church that exists INSIDE a city, we exist to bring the people of Charlotte closer to God and His love – and to create great change here because of it.

We live out church in the city of Charlotte by deeply investing in three things:

the where and when stuff

Find Us.

We call West Charlotte our home. Our building is located within sight of the downtown skyline and one block from the intersection of Morehead St. and Wilkinson Blvd.
Google MapWe meet at 2307 Wilkinson Boulevard every Sunday morning at 9AM & 10.40AM — rain or shine.

Offices are located in the front, and the worship arena entrance is on the left side.

Directions from North of Charlotte

  • Travel south on I-77 to exit 10A Morehead Street.
  • Turn right on Morehead St. until it dead-ends at Wilkinson Blvd.
  • Turn left. Warehouse 242 is second building on right.

Directions from South of Charlotte

  • Travel north on I-77 to exit 8 Remount Rd.
  • Turn left on Remount Rd. and go to Wilkinson Blvd.
  • Turn right and thru next light. Warehouse 242 is second building on the right.

What's Going on at Warehouse

Events on July 5, 2015
12:30 pm / Lunch Meet-Up
Events on July 6, 2015
Events on July 7, 2015
Events on July 8, 2015
Events on July 9, 2015