Imagine 40 acres of sprawling, light-filled land that will one day be a hub of thriving resources for communities desperate for development and the Gospel. Mango and Avocado trees pepper the earth and a spring of water that never runs dry courses through the dry dirt. Imagine a church to train indigenous pastors, a permanent medical clinic to provide sustainable healthcare… a school, an orphanage, a clean water system… and much more. Development like this is the long-term vision of the Fuente de Vida project — but for now there is much work to do.

Our Warehouse 242 team will be joining in the work that By Grace Alone Ministries has been doing for many years to establish trust and relationships with communities around the Fuente de Vida property. During our time we will be partnering with Dominican doctors and health care professionals to carry out a weeklong medical clinic in Sierra Prieta. This will include a general medical clinic, an eye clinic, a dental clinic and a fully stocked pharmacy. Please join us on this wonderful adventure with your prayers and support!

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We are going on a mission to partner with an incredible medical clinic in Sierra Prieta, DR.

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