You can take it further.

Each week, we provide resources for you to take the Sunday teaching further, and pursue a deeper relationship with God through prayer, scripture, and time spent asking questions. Click on one of the links below to listen to the talk, see related resources, and read a reflection and prayer piece written by a member of the Warehouse community.

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Here are a few of our most recent sermons:


Summer Movie Series

We live a culturally complex world, and navigating that complexity can be both frustrating and invigorating.  Whether dealing with differences in family culture, organizational culture, socioethnic culture, generational culture, or national culture, living with wisdom in our globalized, connected world requires that we grow in our cultural intelligence. And like any area of life, sustainable growth involves moving through productive conflict.

Movies are one practical way for us to encounter different cultures and wrestle with the complexity and conflict that emerges from that encounter. In four unique ways, Black Panther, The Big Sick, Coco, and Lion are movies that move us to see that cultural complexity is a gift to be embraced rather than a threat to be rejected.

Teaching Series

The Many and The One

How is God both one and many? How is it possible to understand the rich — and sometimes confusing — nature of who God is in three forms? When we embrace the mystery, beauty, and...

0 / / January 02, 2019
Teaching Series

How The Light Gets In

December is a notoriously busy time of year when we seek to make room for holiday preparations, family gatherings, work parties, and more. Some parts of that feel life-giving, while other parts of that can...

0 / / November 27, 2018
Teaching Series

Welcome: True Hospitality

From beginning to end, the biblical story is about hospitality and welcome. The story begins with God creating the world as a place of welcome for his image-bearers, and after they reject that welcome, the...

0 / / October 01, 2018