We explore & learn together.

The Bible challenges us to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. Our classes exist to engage God and others with our heart, our minds, and even our hands and feet. Throughout the year we offer classes (usually on Sunday morning) that seek to aid us in our spiritual development.

What gives us our direction—and conviction-that community matters is God. We believe that our ache for relationship not only tells us about ourselves, it reveals God’s nature. God is relational to the core. The very essence and mystery of God is that the Divine lives as Father, Son and Spirit. Not only does God live in Community, the Father sacrificed His very Son to bring us into true relationship with Himself. His extravagant pursuit of relationship with us give us hope that we are to pursue relationships with each other.

So our intent is to connect.  We gather relationally because we value deep and meaningful relationships.  We gather formationally because we value devotional opportunities where we are formed into the image of Jesus.  We gather missionally  because we value an intentional lifestyle of service, justice and mission. 

Current Class Offerings

Faith 101 / The Reason for God / based on content by Tim Keller

In this six week class we will explore foundational questions about God, humanity, brokenness, and hope.

Faith 201 / Gospel in Life / based on content by Tim Keller

in this class eight week class we will dive into God’s heart for the city and how we can engage in hope, justice and beauty as we live and work in our city.

Contemplative Spirituality

This is an exploration of ancient spiritual disciplines, and is designed to lead us as we explore Christianity, grow in our faith and knowledge of Jesus, physically and spiritually engage in contemplative practices, and help us discover ways to invest into God and others.