Baptism is an ancient Christian sacrament that serves as a defining, marking moment in the life of a follower of Jesus. It serves as a public proclamation to identify a follower’s life with Jesus—through his death on our behalf, and his resurrection to new life.

Some of you are eager and ready for the next step. Some of you need to have a coffee with one of our pastors and explore what baptism means for you. Some of you have been putting off baptism for months or even years. Some of you have even considered being baptized along with your children, to celebrate your newly-cemented faith. Wherever you are in the process, now is the time to let us know of your interest.

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One of our core beliefs is that God desires a relationship with us — each as individuals, and as a part of a community. We are connected to God in only one way-by choosing to accept the offer of forgiveness and reconciliation God offers to us by Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. If we ask him to, God treats us as if we were Christ, because he treated Christ as if he were us. God’s gift of grace makes us his adopted sons and daughters. There is nothing we can do to deserve this life-it is all a gift of God, and our job is simply to receive it. When we do, God begins the process of changing our hearts and minds from the inside out and making our characters more and more like Jesus’. And as we have been reconciled to God, we also have hope for being more fully reconciled to other people.

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