Camp Greene: Charlotte, 28208

“When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices.” Proverbs 11:10

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Warehouse 242’s pushpin on the map is across the street from our neighbors in Camp Greene, West Charlotte. Our city focus is the zip code 28208, and the nearby neighborhoods to whom we have geographic proximity. We will continue to say “no” to good opportunities in other parts of the city, because we can never forget the real and pressing needs literally across the street (Warehouse is less than four miles from eight Title 1 schools). And while there are many opportunities in which to invest, we will prioritize our involvement in the lives of those most vulnerable: at-risk students at underperforming neighborhood Title 1 schools, and nearby families who are stuck in soul-killing work.

As we serve, we will continue to ask, “Are we pursuing a Development approach, rather than a simple Betterment (Relief) approach?” Dr. Robert Lupton crisply articulates the essential difference between these two models of charity in chapter 7 of his profound book Compassion, Justice, and the Christian Life. In essence, this philosophy reminds us never to do for our neighbors what they have the capacity to do for themselves. We agree that a “hand up” preserves a person’s dignity a whole lot more than a mere handout. If you’re ready to dive in deeper, read “When Helping Hurts” with some friends and let us know that you did. We would love to serve with you!

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*If you are interested in pursuing the theological roots of our methodology, we cannot recommend a sermon more highly than this one: Creation Care and Justice, by Timothy J. Keller. Download it, listen to it, talk about it with your friends, and join us in serving our city.

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