Mission & Vision

Mission, Vision, and Core Commitments

Warehouse 242

We are a group of ordinary, flawed people who are pursuing our purpose on this planet. From a perspective of God-given faith and hope, we pursue the following mission, vision, and core commitments.

MISSION // We exist so that people become missional followers of Jesus.

VISION // God is making all things new, and we participate in that by loving God, each other, our neighbors, the city, and the world.

CORE COMMITMENTS // We are committed to these ways of living out our mission and vision:

Truth: We affirm that God and everything he says and does is truth, and we know this truth by observing nature, reading the Bible, encountering Jesus, and receiving the Spirit. This means that truth is cosmic, story-shaped, and relational rather than private, abstract, and impersonal.

Creativity: We celebrate how art and creativity reflect the beauty and character of God and contribute to God’s creative work of transforming all things. Because of this, we embrace art and creativity as integral to our identity and mission, not merely illustrative or decorative.

Justice: We trust that one day, based on God’s promises, poverty, suffering, injustice, and evil will not exist. In the meantime, we respond to real needs in our city and the world, not merely by providing temporary relief, but by addressing the root problems and developing long-term partnerships that affirm the dignity of our neighbors, both locally and globally.

Missional Community: We believe that following Jesus means being witnesses of Jesus and agents of transformation in every relationship, activity, and sphere of life. Everything we are and do is part of this mission, which requires receptivity to and engagement with our cultural context and intentional pursuit of people who do not share our beliefs.

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