Serving w/Kids

At Warehouse 242 we believe that children’s ministry is a pivotal part of carrying out our mission. Each Sunday, we have the opportunity to impact kids and to watch their faith in Jesus grow. We have the ability to shape how children view God, how they understand their image in Christ, and how they live that out.

The Barna Research Group recently released a staggering statistic: the probability of someone embracing Jesus as their Savior before the age of 12 is 32%, but that stat drops to 6% thereafter. Kids Warehouse provides an incredible opportunity to share the message of Jesus with these little people when they are the most open and impressionable.

Where can I serve right now?

What’s involved in serving?

Serving on the Check-In Team involves:
> Greeting families as they arrive
> Giving attendance tags and pagers to parents
> Leading visitors through the registration process

Serving with infants and toddlers (1’s and 2’s) involves:
> Greeting parents and children as they arrive; providing a warm and welcoming environment
> Caring for and playing with children during the adult service
> Changing diapers

Serving with preschool (3’s and 4’s) through 5th grade involves:
> Greeting parents and children as they arrive; providing a warm and welcoming environment
> Leading children through a lesson that involves a Bible story, games, crafts, and discussion (all lesson materials and supplies are prepared for you and in the room when you arrive).

Serving on the Kids Drama Team involves:
> Performing skits that relate to the Bible lesson for the day.
> Memorizing lines for skits prior to Sunday morning.
> Joining the Kids Drama team for rehearsal on the Sunday of the performance – rehearsals take place during the 10:40 a.m. service.

How often do I serve?

For 3’s and up, we look for spiritually mature men and women to serve as small group leaders in the Kids classrooms. This involves a more intentional investment of time (at least 2x/month), because we want our leaders to build strong relational bonds with our Kids.

How do I know what room/team is right for me?

Anyone who enjoys babies and is able to provide a loving and safe environment for them is a good fit for the Infant Room. If you have lots of energy and enjoy being silly (on top of being able to provide a loving and safe environment), the Toddler Rooms might be the place for you. If you’ve placed your faith in Jesus and are up for sharing that at a basic level, preschool or the K/1st grade class could be more your speed. And, finally, if you’ve been in faith for a while and are comfortable navigating the Bible, the 2nd/3rd grade class or the 4th/5th grade class is a great option.

Do I have to meet any requirements?

We perform a complete background check on all Kids volunteers. This includes a check of sexual offender registries, a verification of your social security number, and a check of criminal records. You must pass the background check in order to serve.

Also, volunteers in preschool through 5th grade classes should be growing followers of Jesus. If you’re not yet in faith or are unsure about who Jesus is, we would love to have you serve in a room where a lesson isn’t taught. However, we need our volunteers who are actually teaching Biblical principles to have made the decision to follow Jesus.

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