“Whenever life gets too stifling and the rules get too complex, there’s some sort of musical explosion.” – Slash / Guns ‘n Roses

There is life in music. With nearly 100 working musicians that call warehouse home, we have the rare pleasure of having more music than we can handle, and it provides a vital link from our daily lives into the community that we treasure.

Music is a feature of how we gather together on Sunday mornings, whether it is being used as a Call to Community, raising a Lament, or pointing us toward God in worship.

Want to know what we sound like? That’s a dangerous question around here that could land you in an hour-long conversation debating the merits of Radiohead’s internet release strategy. We are proud music snobs who secretly love the same stuff you do, and will instantly run to iTunes after hearing the name of a new band.

If you push us up against the wall, we’d confess we probably sound like a combination of these bands on any given Sunday:
Snow Patrol / Future of Forestry / Death Cab / Phil Wickham / Mute Math / the Myriad / Band of Horses

More importantly, some of the local musicians we love are:
John Mark McMillan / Heartwood / Chris Kincaid

We sound like us. There are three bands that keep us moving forward: Shepherds of Michigan, Acuff & Co, and The Tuesdays. All three are made up entirely of volunteers, and most of those volunteers were likely out till 2am playing in a bar, or chasing their kids through the hallway, or planning their wedding. They’re living life every day, and they play music with passion each Sunday because they are called to.

Want to get involved? E-mail Steve Whitby, Pastor of Creativity.

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