Studio 242

studio 242: third tuesday

Art is a filter for pain, beauty, grace, power, love, desire, and action. We are a community that embraces the fire of real art — not just a collection of crosses and halos. Our artists are real, and we will provide avenues for examination, creation, and conversation.

Studio is the creative core of Warehouse 242. As a community of artists who meet together monthly, we serve four purposes:

  • We are a crossroads for creatives
  • providing an intersection point for new and old in our community to find each other and build relationships around art and expression.

  • We create together
  • examining a common assignment each month together, regardless of our medium or focus. we share our work and discuss/examine it at our monthly clatch.

  • We support the sunday gathering
  • creating new work that can be used to further and/or deepen the sunday morning experience. the upcoming teaching schedule is reviewed at each meeting so we can provide relevant opportunities to interact with the morning service.

  • We nurture artists and their work
  • building a home for art in the Gallery at Warehouse, a working gallery in our main arena area.

Studio meets on the Third Tuesday of every month at Caribou on Fairview Rd, 7-9pm. We typically discuss an art topic while working individually on our on projects.

Want more info? E-mail Jonathan Grauel and he’ll plug you in.