Homeless Solutions

We partner with local nonprofit agencies that get our neighbors on their feet again, and work with them to solve temporary and chronic problems of homelessness.

Warehouse is committed to serving our homeless neighbors. With more than 6,000 homeless in our city, including over 4,000 homeless children who attend public school, we are committed to using our resources to serve those who lack the most basic of necessities—a safe place to sleep, and food to eat. Serving our city’s homeless neighbors is a practical and meaningful way for individuals and small groups to live out the value of Justice. In short, Warehouse serves and shares out of the abundance of what we have been graciously given. Our ongoing partnerships are with Room in the Inn, Speak Up magazine, and Charlotte Family Housing.

Room in the Inn

Room in the Inn begins in December. For info, contact room@warehouse242.org

During the coldest winter months (January thru March) Warehouse serves as a host site for Room in the Inn—an interfaith network of winter shelters for the homeless of Charlotte, organized by the Urban Ministry Center. The purpose of the program is to keep our city’s homeless neighbors from freezing on cold winter nights. We accomplish this by providing a warm, safe place for our neighbors to sleep, two meals to eat (dinner and breakfast), and transportation to and from our building. Meeting new friends and building relationships with our homeless neighbors are what make this program so powerful.

We serve as an area host in our building’s “center section”—the area in between the arena and the Kids classrooms. Preparation begins during the late afternoon, and the program concludes early morning after breakfast. This is an ideal service event for small groups to serve alongside one another.

> To learn more about Room in the Inn, click here.

> Here is the link to Malcolm Gladwell’s influential article on homelessness in America titled, Million Dollar Murray.

Speak Up Magazine

Charlotte’s only street magazine wholly embraces the “Relief to Solutions” philosophy of service that we champion. Speak Up Magazine moves beyond giving our homeless neighbors basic resource support. They do so by providing job training and income-generating opportunities so that homeless neighbors can earn dependable income by selling a dynamically-produced magazine, with locally-written articles, and vivid pictures from local photographers.

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