Participating Membership

*The Loading Dock is our Participating Membership class. The next class will be on Sunday, October 23, 2016, from 12:15-2:15. Childcare will be available and lunch will be served. To register, click here.

If you are ready to be a part of our mission, we believe it is vital that you declare yourself a Participating Member. To a culture that defines commitment as, “I’ll do it if I feel like it,” we say: “In order for our church’s mission to be accomplished, my membership is essential” (1 Corinthians 12:12-31). The Bible leaves no room for sitting on the sidelines and watching. If you believe in the Church, you’re either “all in” or not in at all.

We believe that Participating Members at Warehouse 242 are the committed core who are actively participating in God’s transformation of all things by: 

1. Loving God

2. Loving Each Other

3. Loving Our Neighbors

4. Loving Our City

5. Loving Our World

If you are not a Participating Member, our one-day Participating Membership class is called The Loading Dock. It is designed to succinctly deliver information about who we are, what we believe, and what we expect of our Participating Members.

To register for the next class, click here.

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