Community Care

Life. There are times in each of our lives that we experience true joy, and we celebrate these amazing moments that take our breath away. We will also have moments that can push us to the brink of despair and leave us questioning “what now?” This is life—and it can be both complicated and wondrous. Sometimes it leaves us needing some tangible assistance—a helping hand, and encouragement in a moment of need.

Our Community Care group is a team of people willing to extend a gracious hand, and meet us exactly where we are—whether they know us personally or not.

Care needs can often look like:

> Meals delivered to us after we have been sick or hospitalized
> Personal prayer
> A note of encouragement
> Recognition of a special event or accomplishment in our lives
> A task completed that we were unable to do ourselves

Our small groups at Warehouse are logical places for these needs to be met, and for celebrations to be recognized by people we know and love in our Warehouse community. If you are not in a small group, or if you are new at Warehouse and need help, our Community Care team is ready to serve you. These volunteers believe that through both giving and receiving, we all grow closer to God’s unconditional and extraordinary love for each of us.

If you have a care need please contact

If you are interested in being member of this team, please contact Nicole Walker to discuss specific ways you can leverage your talents and passions to serve others well in the critical moments of life.