Leadership at Warehouse 242 involves collaboration between volunteers, elders, and staff. Whether they are teaching on Sunday, creating music for gatherings, caring for our kids, leading our service initiatives, or executing “behind the scenes” organizational details, the staff have committed themselves to serving God and our community.

Wes Vander Lugt / Lead Pastor / Wes leads the staff and elders, teaches on a majority of Sunday mornings, develops leaders within our community, and nurtures the mission, vision, and core commitments of Warehouse. He is passionate about more people becoming followers of Jesus so they can take part in his mission to make all things new. Before coming to Warehouse, Wes completed a PhD in Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at the University of St Andrews, and he loves helping our community engage culture with creativity and imagination while remaining rooted in God’s Word and his beautiful design for our lives.

Mike Lawrie / Community Pastor /Mike is responsible for creating a vision and structure for spiritual formation that stimulates leadership development and active participation in the life of the Warehouse community.  His desire is to help the Warehouse community to grow in its desire to love God, each other, our neighbors, our city, and our world through active interaction with Scripture, prayer, relationships, service, and the classic spiritual disciplines.  Mike will be shepherding small groups, affinity groups, mentoring, discipleship, and other formation opportunities.  Oh by the way, he thinks church ought to be fun and he believes Die Hard is the best Christmas movie of all time.

Marc Dickmann / Service Pastor / Marc champions Service & Justice at Warehouse and develops partnerships with organizations who serve the real needs of our nearby community. He spends his days connecting volunteers with opportunities to serve our neighbors and advocating the needs of the nearby community to our congregation. Basically, he’s the man who helps people plug into the needs that exist right outside our windows. And, he puts Tabasco on everything.

Steve Whitby / Creative Director / Steve is the creativity quartermaster at Warehouse. Most days you can find him wrestling with band members or planning worship events. He serves as creative director and leads the music, film, spoken word, web and studio teams.

Nicole Walker /Kids Warehouse Director / Nicole is passionate about people—especially the little ones. Most days you can find her engaging children and families, caring for expectant parents, and leading teams of gifted volunteers to share the gospel with our children. Her relational skills and love of Jesus define her leadership as she influences the next generation of Jesus followers.

Kelly Brunk / Administrative Director / Kelly equips our pastors in each of their ministry areas and makes sure everything is ready for Sunday mornings. She also spearheads our move toward online database integration, to make all of our lives more seamless. In general, she crosses the T’s and dots the I’s for our whole team, and she lives for dark chocolate.

Sherei Lopez Jackson / Student Ministries Director /Sherei gets to spend her time shepherding, loving on, and investing in the lives of tweens and teens. She is an engaging communicator and loves seeing teenagers find their identity in God, discover their gifts, and become fully functioning members of God’s great family. Although she’s pursuing her Masters of Divinity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, it’s all Greek to her.

Colleen Querin / Kids Warehouse Coordinator / Colleen is passionate about seeing kids grow in their relationship with Jesus. She uses her gifts of teamwork and organization during the week supporting the Kids Warehouse Director by making sure the classrooms are equipped and the lessons are prepared. On Sundays you can find her earnestly praying for pizza, monster trucks, or any of the things that are near and dear to the children’s hearts. Rumor has it that her Canadian Thanksgiving feasts are legendary.

Bob Gluck / Finance Director /  Bob gets excited about number crunching and budgeting, and can build a pretty mean Excel spreadsheet. As Finance Director, he also oversees major items related to our building and capital planning. Bob proudly admits he is an accounting/finance nerd, but not the stereotypical “green-eye shade” introverted CPA kind.  While he takes his Finance and Facility responsibilities seriously,  he is equally passionate about serving and interacting with the Warehouse community at large.

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